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Focussing on People

May 03 2017,Athens

Martin Shaw,Managing Director
Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions

Competence in competition

May 03 2017,Athens

Panos A. Kourkountis,Technical director
Andriaki Shipping

Reducing paperwork

May 03 2017,Athens

Theophanis Theophanous,Managing Director
Bernard Schulte Shipmanagement Greece

Fleet Management and Organisational Structure of a Shipping Company meeting the new TMSA requirements

May 03 2017,Athens

Ioannis Makris,Technical Director
Angelakos Hellas SA

How technology might or might not change things in shipping

May 03 2017,Athens

Dimitris Lyras,Director
Lyras Shipping

Morning panel discussion - Athens Conference

May 03 2017,Athens

Morning speakers,Various

Ship Performance Monitoring: Ship Management Challenges

May 03 2017,Athens

Frank Paleokrassas,Corporate Manager Fleet Performance
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

Afternoon discussion Athens Conference - also with Theofano Somaripa, Systems Analyst, TMS Tankers

May 03 2017,Athens

All speakers,Various

Achieving Crew Engagement on Energy Efficiency

Mar 06 2017,Copenhagen

Rajat Saxena,Energy Efficiency Manager
Maersk Tankers

Integration of vessel performance in a “classic” performance management set-up

Mar 06 2017,Copenhagen

Sverre Patursson Vange/Jakob Buus Petersen,Head of Performance Management/Founder
Lauritzen Kosan/Vessel Performance Solutions


Jul-Aug 19

Greece, alarm fatigue, Fujairah explosions, scrubbers, tank cleaning