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Putting people at the centre of a profitable business

May 09 2018,Athens

Martin Shaw,Managing Director
Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions

Human Element and OCIMF

May 09 2018,Athens

Captain Andrew Cassels,Director
Oil Companies International Marine Forum

Reducing paperwork and digitalisation

May 09 2018,Athens

Theophanis Theophanous,Managing Director
Bernard Schulte Shipmanagement Greece

Marine HR - Supporting, Guiding, Coaching

May 09 2018,Athens

Michail Malliaros,Fleet Personnel Manager
Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd

Safety as a key element in ship management – The way to be a pioneer

May 09 2018,Athens

Michalis Pouris,Head of HSQE department

What is the best way to improve how we integrate people, procedures and equipment? What is the best way to improve how we understand and manage risk?

May 09 2018,Athens

Discussion with morning speakers,Various

Managing the statistical and analytical requirements of TMSA3

May 09 2018,Athens

David Sanderson,CEO
Oceanmarine Limited


May 09 2018,Athens


Classification and Certification

Oct 19 2017,Hamburg

Constantin Kontargyris,Managing Director
Factor01 GmbH

Business case of improved catering

Oct 19 2017,Hamburg

Christian Ioannou,Managing Director
MCTC Marine Ltd


Nov Dec 19

Gibraltar, ballast, piracy, tank coatings, bunkers