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Høglund lands six repeat orders to supply integrated automation and control for VLECs at Jiangnan sh

(Sep 27 2022)

New orders will go to China-Abu Dhabi joint venture AW Shipping Ltd., Pacific Gas and Tianjin Southwest Maritime

Thome Group publishes its second sustainability report

(Sep 27 2022)

The publication of Thome Group’s second voluntary report covers 2021 and covers the significant progress in aligning itself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Scorpio Tankers announces repurchases of its common shares

(Sep 26 2022)

Scorpio Tankers Inc. has purchased its common shares in the open market.

Tankers to discharge Iranian crude, condensate at Venezuela's main port

(Sep 26 2022)

Tankers carrying Iranian crude oil and condensate are scheduled to discharge at Venezuela's Jose terminal

Poten's Opinion: Wind In Their Sails

(Sep 23 2022)

VLCCs are back in favour, but will it last?

Furetank orders vessel 14 and 15 in the climate friendly Vinga series

(Sep 23 2022)

The 17,999 dwt tankers are part of a series of vessels designed with a special focus on energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Crew extinguishes fire on oil tanker in Gulf of Finland

(Sep 22 2022)

A crude oil tanker caught fire in the Gulf of Finland

Yemen: Marking ‘significant milestone’, UN says stricken tanker salvage operation can begin

(Sep 21 2022)

More than $75 million has been pledged to carry out the vital operation to salvage supertanker FSO Safer, off the Yemeni coast

Maersk Product Tankers names Claus Gronborg new CEO

(Sep 20 2022)

Claus Gronborg has been appointed CEO of Maersk Product Tankers – one of the largest product tanker owners in the world.

Fire hits oil terminal, tanker in Venezuela

(Sep 17 2022)

A fire erupted at an oil terminal in Venezuela when a hose used for supplying gasoline to a tanker broke lose

Aframax tanker disabled by fire, anchored, Java sea

(Sep 16 2022)

Fire erupted in engine room of Aframax tanker SEABORNE PETRO then tanker drifted dead ahead until she anchored north of Ciwandan, Java.

Poten’s Opinion : Changing Tanker Trades Down Under

(Sep 16 2022)

The impact of refinery closures in Australia and New Zealand

Concordia sale of three P-MAX vessels

(Sep 16 2022)

In a strong tonnage market, Concordia Maritime has entered into an agreement for the sale of the three product tankers, Stena Primorsk, Stena Performance and Stena Provence, all built in 2006 and of 65,200 dwt. The sale is expected to have a positive...

Exxon Valdez Capt. Joseph Hazelwood dies at 75

(Sep 15 2022)

Joseph Hazelwood, the captain of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker that ran aground more than three decades ago in Alaska, causing one of the worst oil spills in U.S. history, has died, the New York Times reported.

Certain tankers might produce more CO2 while chasing CII rating, Gibson warns

(Sep 15 2022)

With less than four months until the entry into force of the IMO’s carbon intensity indicator (CII) and Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Design Index (EEXI),


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