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New York Court upholds DHT’s right to purchase VLCCs

(Apr 21 2017)

Last Wednesday, the the Supreme Court of the State of New York rejected a Frontline attempt to block DHT’s purchase of BW Group’s VLCC fleet.

Grounded VLCC salvor appointed- STS agreed

(Apr 21 2017)

At the time of writing, the laden Euronav Ship Management’s 2016-built VLCC ‘Alex’ remained safely aground on a soft mud seabed between Borneo and Sumatra.

OCIMF/CDI addresses oil/chemical transfers shutdown systems

(Apr 21 2017)

An information paper, jointly released by CDI and OCIMF on 21st April, recommended an emergency shutdown (ESD) connection linking a ship and terminal ESD systems, to enable manual activation by the terminal or ship to stop cargo transfer operations.

STS mooring plans - a cause for concern

(Apr 21 2017)

Through its portal, DYNAMARINe has identified 12 areas of concern with submitted ship-to-ship cargo transfer mooring plans.

Bahri opts for Saudi flag

(Apr 21 2017)

National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) has revealed plans to re-flag up to 32 of its VLCCs and five MRs to the domestic flag by the end of 2017.

Aframax joins Murmansk transhipment fleet

(Apr 21 2017)

The 1996-built Aframax ‘Polar Rock’ has arrived in Murmansk to replace the 1983-built Panamax ‘Kola Bay’ as a storage tanker. She owned by Commodity Service, part of the New Stream Group.

Straits Tankers Pool expands to LR2s

(Apr 21 2017)

Straits Tankers LR Pool, jointly operated by Hafnia Management and MOL, is about to welcome two LR2s to add to the 47 LR1s already commercially managed.

FSL Aframax to join Teekay operation

(Apr 21 2017)

FSL Trust Management (FSLTM), as trustee-manager of First Ship Lease Trust (FSL Trust), is to employ the Aframax ‘FSL Hong Kong’ in the Teekay Group revenue sharing agreement (RSA), following her drydocking.

Permanent magnet shaft generators for Ektank newbuildings

(Apr 21 2017)

The Switch, a developer and supplier of advanced drive trains, has received an order from WE Tech to deliver permanent magnet (PM) shaft generators for two 18,600 dwt chemical tankers currently under construction for Sweden’s Ektank.

Minerva selects Ecochlor BWTS

(Apr 21 2017)

Ecochlor has signed an agreement with Minerva Marine for the potential supply of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) for up to 30 vessels.

WinGD wins SCF Aframax engine contract

(Apr 21 2017)

Winterthur Gas & Diesel’s (WinGD) low-speed dual-fuel engines with X-DF low-pressure gas admissions are to be fitted on board the world’s first gas-fuelled Aframaxes.

Markets- VLCCs on a roll

(Apr 21 2017)

Despite the recent holiday period, the week was very active for VLCCs.

Markets- Asian products trades under the spotlight

(Apr 21 2017)

In the Asian product trades, amidst the backdrop of expected fleet growth of 4% this year, this segment is likely to face a set of challenges this quarter.

Danelec VDR conversion kits for Swedish tankers

(Apr 21 2017)

Danelec Marine’s distribution partners have reported significant savings on VDR retrofit installations using the company’s conversion kits.

Calls to investigate tin use in silicone hull coatings

(Apr 21 2017)

The re-emergence of organotin in marine hull coatings is of increasing concern in some quarters.


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