Tanker aground in Caspian Sea

(Sep 09 2021)

Product tanker VF TANKER-7 ran aground in the Volga-Caspian Sea while en route from Astrakhan, Volga river, Russia, to Baku, Azerbaijan.

Explosion reported on ship used to carry Iranian oil at Syrian port

(Aug 12 2021)

Syrian media reported an explosion and fire on a ship at the port in Latakia, with initial reports indicating that the affected vessel had been used to transfer Iranian oil to Syria in the past.

110,000-ton LNG tanker aground, Rio de la Plata

(Aug 10 2021)

LNG tanker HOEGH ESPERANZA ran aground in Rio de la Plata fairway approaching Buenos Aires.

Prompt action by ONGC averts LPG tanker collision

(Aug 02 2021)

Prompt action by state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) with assistance from the Coast Guard averted the collision of an empty LPG tanker, that went adrift, preventing a major mishap.

Abandoned Tanker sank or sinking off Aden, Yemen: Video

(Jul 23 2021)

An abandoned tanker was reported sank or sinking off Aden port, Yemen. She has been anchored off Aden for some 7 years, apparently abandoned and unmanned.

Rogue tanker fails to slip through Malaysia's Enforcement net

(May 27 2021)

Maritime authorities have foiled an attempt by a “fugitive” tanker to slip past them by navigating the Strait of Malacca under the cover of darkness.

Georgian national rescued in Australian port after 'jumping' from oil tanker

(May 13 2021)

Victorian police have rescued a man in Port Phillip Bay, after he was believed to have jumped from an international oil tanker.

Pacific island nation not taking chances after body with Covid washes ashore

(Apr 22 2021)

A Pacific island country has banned outward travel from its main island for three days after a body washed ashore that later tested positive for Covid-19, Radio New Zealand has reported.

Bulker and tanker damaged in Manila Bay collision

(Apr 09 2021)

A tanker and a bulk carrier collided in Manila Bay, Philippines causing significant damage to both vessels.

Malaysia: MMEA detains five more oil tankers in special ops

(Apr 01 2021)

The Johor state division of Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) said it has detained five vessels on day six of ‘Ops Jangka Haram’, a special operation to crack down on foreign vessels anchored illegally in eastern Johor waters.

MMEA detains Thailand registered tanker for allegedly anchoring illegally in Selangor

(Feb 04 2021)

The Selangor state division of Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) said it detained two vessels for allegedly anchoring without a permit in two separate incidents on February 1.

MMEA detains loaded oil tanker for allegedly anchoring illegally in Perak Malaysia

(Jan 28 2021)

The Perak state division of Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) on Monday (25 January) said it detained a Sierra Leone registered tanker for allegedly anchoring illegally around Pulau Buloh on Saturday, 23 January.

No spill reported after tug strikes oil tanker in Valdez Alaska

(Jan 21 2021)

A tugboat struck the Polar Endeavour oil tanker shortly before midnight on January 11 at the Valdez Marine Terminal. No oil spilled in the accident.

Iran commissions its massive oil tanker turned sea base into service

(Jan 14 2021)

Iran’s Navy has formally commissioned the Markran, a former oil tanker it says has been transformed into a “forward base ship.”

Oil tanker refloated after sticking on Lough Foyle sandbank in Ireland

(Jan 07 2021)

The Thun Liffey, a DUTCH-registered oil tanker, has been re-floated after running aground in Lough Foyle.


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