Is seafarer training keeping up with technology?

(Sep 16 2021)

Is the training that seafarers are required to do, such as under STCW, keeping up with advances in technology? ICS held a webinar to discuss.

InterManager members double onboard oxygen provision after life-threatening incidents

(Sep 02 2021)

Ship managers have pledged to go above and beyond international maritime regulatory requirements in their onboard provision of medical oxygen – to be better able to save the lives of crew at sea.

Boers offering free Covid-19 jabs to seafarers

(Aug 12 2021)

Crew services specialist Boers has launched seafarer vaccination programmes at German and Belgian ports, as shipping executives warn of onboard Covid-19 outbreaks because mariners are not getting vaccines quick enough.

Seafarer Workforce Report: The global supply and demand for seafarers in 2021

(Aug 10 2021)

The new Seafarer Workforce Report from ICS and BIMCO has officially launched and is available to order now.

Shipping needs to focus on recruitment and upskilling to avoid imminent crewing crisis

(Aug 10 2021)

Predictions of a seafarer shortage by 2026 highlight the importance of prioritising competencies and skill building, says Danica Crewing Specialists.

Vaccinating seafarers across India against COVID-19

(Aug 10 2021)

Since the beginning of June, ISWAN has been coordinating a vaccination drive for seafarers across India in response to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

MHSS reports surge in calls from struggling seafarers

(Aug 02 2021)

Calls to Mental Health Support Services (MHSS) from seafarers who are really struggling to cope has soared by 60% in recent months, according to a recent report.

New BIMCO/ICS Seafarer Workforce Report warns of serious potential officer shortage

(Aug 02 2021)

The new Seafarer Workforce Report from BIMCO and the International Chamber of Shipping warns that the industry must significantly increase training and recruitment levels if it is to avoid a serious shortage in the total supply of officers by 2026.

DNV backs crew change programme in South East Asia

(Aug 02 2021)

DNV, the world’s leading classification society and risk management expert, is embarking on an instrumental role in helping to facilitate safe crew changes amid South East Asia’s COVID crisis as an auditor in the multi-party backed CrewSafe programme...

ECSA and ETF welcome WHO decision to prioritise seafarers’ vaccination

(Aug 02 2021)

The World Health Organisation has included seafarers that should be prioritised for Covid-19 vaccination in the context of limited supplies.

Belgium now inoculates foreign seafarers via roving vaccination teams on board ships

(Aug 02 2021)

Following the successful COVID-19 vaccination of Belgian seafarers that started on 2 June, Belgium is going boldly beyond by moving a level up with a proposal by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the North Sea, Mr Vincent van Quickenborne, ...

Seafarer happiness drops to an all time low since the beginning of COVID-19

(Aug 02 2021)

The latest Seafarers Happiness Index from The Mission to Seafarers paints a harrowing picture, with the lack of shore leave causing distress to many.

Thome – seafarer health and vessel performance

(Jul 23 2021)

We asked Thome Ship Management about how it is tackling the big issues of the day in ship management – seafarer mental health and vessel performance

New thinking on enclosed spaces management essential to saving lives says Ocean Technologies Group

(Jul 16 2021)

A recently updated title launched by the Group will help seafarers manage enclosed spaces and their safe entry.

Tanker interrupted voyage in Atlantic after mass crew illness

(Jul 09 2021)

Bitumen tanker IVER AMBITION interrupted her voyage from Netherlands to Trois-Rivières Canada, it is understood the ship reported mass crew illness on board.


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