OTG assists Low Carbon GIA in free energy efficient ship operation course

(May 27 2021)

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has assisted the IMO’s Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping (Low Carbon GIA) to develop a free E-learning course on energy efficient ship operations and how GHG emissions from ships can be addressed.

ABS and leading industry players roadmap for vessel conversion to low-carbon operations

(May 27 2021)

Major new project to turn the transition to carbon-free fuels into actionable steps.

World's first liquefied-hydrogen carrier unveiled

(May 27 2021)

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is leading the race to transport what some say is the eco fuel of the future.

ABS publishes guidance on the use of biofuels in shipping

(May 20 2021)

ABS continues its series of industry-leading alternative fuels guidance with the publication of its latest whitepaper examining the potential of biofuels in shipping.

Ardmore Shipping chooses Lean Marine’s FuelOpt to enhance fleet efficiency

(May 20 2021)

Swedish propulsion optimization experts Lean Marine have signed a contract with tanker operator, Ardmore Shipping Corporation, to install its FuelOpt propulsion optimization technology across its fleet.

Frontline Ltd to acquire six “eco type” VLCC newbuilding contracts

(May 20 2021)

Frontline Ltd. (“Frontline” or the “Company”) announced that it has entered into an agreement for the acquisition through resale of six latest generation ECO-type VLCC newbuilding contracts.

Evergas and Ultragas form first shipping company specialized in transport of CO2

(May 20 2021)

Dan-Unity CO2 is the first shipping company specialized in vessels for transport of captured CO2 for storage (CCS) and re-use (CCU). Dan-Unity CO2 is founded by two Danish-based shipping companies, Evergas and Ultragas.

‘Green Funnel’ project celebrates milestone 150th LNG fuelling

(May 20 2021)

Recently, Sovcomflot (SCF Group) and Shell performed a landmark 150th marine LNG fuelling operation for SCF’s ‘Green Funnel’ Aframax tankers.

FUELSAVE – dynamic hydrogen & methanol injection to improve engine efficiency

(May 13 2021)

FUELSAVE GmbH of Germany has developed a technology which injects hydrogen, oxygen, water & methanol into the engine in a specific way. The company claims to reduce OPEX costs by 10% – and has done a successful trial on a heavy lift vessel.

Decarbonisation – solving the commercial problem

(May 13 2021)

The challenge of decarbonising shipping is more about figuring out who will pay for it, or how it will be made fair on companies which spend money on zero carbon fuels – one of the conclusions from an ABB webinar on decarbonisation.

ABS signs JDP to develop CO2 carrier designs

(May 13 2021)

ABS, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd. (HMD), Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd (KSOE) and the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator have signed a JDP to develop liquefied CO2 carrier designs.

Silverstream Technologies and Shell awarded by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects

(May 13 2021)

Clean technology company Silverstream Technologies has today announced that they have been jointly awarded the Royal Institution of Naval Architects' QinetiQ Maritime Innovation Award, alongside Shell Shipping & Maritime, for the recent retrofit inst...

Clean Shipping Alliance: Wash water discharges are not 'sludge'

(May 06 2021)

Following the release of a report by environmental group ICCT, the Clean Shipping Alliance expresses its concern about the wrong perception of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (“scrubbers”) and wash water discharges portrayed in the publication.

Work to remove oil from stricken tanker off China finished

(May 06 2021)

Efforts to remove the cargo of an oil tanker that leaked oil into the Yellow Sea near China’sQingdao after a collision last week should be completed.

Uni-Tankers invests in Frugal Propulsion’s engine management system

(May 05 2021)

Ten months of test sailing using Frugal Propulsion on the tanker Endelo Swan shows a fuel saving of 12.2%, which is now driving Uni-Tankers to install the system on more ships in the fleet.


June-July 2021

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